Local Vineyards

This region was once more famous for wine then Bordeaux.  Wine would be shipped from the region to Bordeaux for sale.  Phylloxera virus killed the vineyards.  Now, other crops feed the farming economy but local wine is still vibrant.  The grand vineyards of Bordeaux, Pomerol, St Emilion , Cahors are within 2 hours drive and easily visited in a day.

  The secret vineyards of Glanes and Branceilles are much, much nearer.  Our recommendation is the white wine of Glanes, impossible to buy outside the region and an absolute delight.  Our other speciality is ‘Vin Paille’.  This wine is truly unique with perhaps only forty producers, all small, concentrated in this region and none others.  The nearest is within half a kilometre of La Chauvarie and private tastings with a visit to the producer are always available upon request.


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